Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Stuff, gotta love it

Since I have started my jewellery journey I have found alot of great designers. When it comes to wire work there is somewhat limited resourses. I have previously spoken about tutorials that I have purchased and have found to be fantastic. Today though my post is about some great free tutorials that I want to share with you.

Cage Bead Tutorial

Ocean Pearl Hoops plus many others

A Beautiful Connie Fox Garden Bangle

Gorgeous gold ring

I hope you enjoy these and will be adding more over time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another month gone

And what a month it has been. I had every intension of posting many times this month but it just didnt happen. With flat batterys in the camera, a week in melbourne and my daughters 3rd birthday I had no chance. Well here I am now.

Firstly a short time ago I brought a wonderful tutorial, Viking bezel pendant by AnneMade Jewelry . I was very happy to finally give it a go. I have just used a stone sitting around the house and some silver artist wire.

Our lastest brisbane bead meet challenge was beaded cabs. We were luck enough to have karyn (her blog) . This was my first creation using a beautiful rhodonite cabochons.

Whilst at the meet I was lucky enough to by one of debs lampwork cab/bead and this is my creation.

I am very happy with how they both turned out, actually lovin them.

Finally I have been getting some more chainmaille done, been missing it lately. This is a child's bracelet made from aluminum. Byzantine and mobius flowers. I think it looks really sweet.

Lastly and on a non jewellery note I mentioned at the beginning of the post my daugther turned three. Below is the cake/cupcakes I made for her party. They were the yummiest cakes ever and it was a really hit.

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