Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog revamp

I came across this great site from someones blog to get new backgrounds so I decided to give my blog a revamp. Not sure yet if its to busy, what do you think?

I will have to sit on it for a little while. Now time to get back to creating.

update sat on it a few moments just to busy so this is now the new revamp, nice and soft I think. Now I can move on

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Its a wrap

For those of you that dont already know in my last post I talked of a workshop I had done. Well I finally gave it a go on my own and I am very happy with the results. Although it is a little skewif, I am sure that will get better in time with practise. It is dyed howlite and sterling silver.

And so the journey continues. Stay tuned for the next installment.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Loving the new year a time for creating!!!

I finished these beauties the other day. Another wonderful tutorial from Perri Jackson. Beaded caps, they are not as neat as perri's but I love them all the same. Now to start creating.......

A while ago I did a weekend wire workshop I finally got around to making another ring. Very happy with this one and hope to do a wrapped cab soon.

Again using deb's wonderful beads, swarovski's and sterling silver. I created this necklace. I also did my first trizantine (not sure if thats the correct spelling) to attach the pendant. Something simple but I like it.

Next is an attempt of a friends tutorial, which I love sterling silver and red tigers eye, I believe.
This is my first ever commission designed as requested, Sterling silver and sodalite.
Last but not least was my entry for the valentine challenge on a wonderful new website JewelryLessons . I was trying to do something different other then hearts but it didnt turn out as good as I had hoped and only hearts made the semi's. Mind you what made it to the semi's where of a much higher quality and skill. Better luck next time. Oh and I called it circle of love, the infinate circle.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the journey as much as me.
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