Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Loving the new year a time for creating!!!

I finished these beauties the other day. Another wonderful tutorial from Perri Jackson. Beaded caps, they are not as neat as perri's but I love them all the same. Now to start creating.......

A while ago I did a weekend wire workshop I finally got around to making another ring. Very happy with this one and hope to do a wrapped cab soon.

Again using deb's wonderful beads, swarovski's and sterling silver. I created this necklace. I also did my first trizantine (not sure if thats the correct spelling) to attach the pendant. Something simple but I like it.

Next is an attempt of a friends tutorial, which I love sterling silver and red tigers eye, I believe.
This is my first ever commission designed as requested, Sterling silver and sodalite.
Last but not least was my entry for the valentine challenge on a wonderful new website JewelryLessons . I was trying to do something different other then hearts but it didnt turn out as good as I had hoped and only hearts made the semi's. Mind you what made it to the semi's where of a much higher quality and skill. Better luck next time. Oh and I called it circle of love, the infinate circle.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the journey as much as me.

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