Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nearly Christmas - Wow

Wow has time gone fast. It has been so long since the last post its crazy. Since my last post I finally created my online shop at http://shonasdesigns.vstore.ca/ ,which I am currently learning the in's and out's. Had a Jewellery party and sold a few pieces, woooohooo. I have also been asked to teach chainmaille at a new bead shop in Cleveland which I am very excited about, nervous, but excited. Hopefully I get some interest.

Lastly I havent really made alot of jewellery but have been making some beautiful beaded christmas ornaments here is one of them.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So very long

I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been doing alot though and having a great time doing it. Firstly I want to tell you about this very talented friend of mine - Sandee of SanDeeLee Designs. I was lucky enough to get one of her tutorials, which you can get them here. She lots of different tutorials that are beautifully written and easy to follow. The one that I tried was the puffy love pendant, I just love it. I call this my ''healing heart" as it is filled with clear quartz, rose quartz and moonstone. Check out her site you will not be disappointed.

At the last Bead meet our monthly challenge was to make a polymer clay chameleon steampunk by Christi Friesen. I have never done any polymer clay before but it was a fantastic time and I am very happy with the outcome. I think he's kinda cute, I haven't baked him yet.

Lastly my sister asked me if I would have a table with here at her son's schools ladies night. There was about 8 others tables there of various things. It wasnt a huge turn up but I did manage to sell some pieces. I wasnt one hundred percent happy with my set up but I was a great learning experience and it got my stuff out there. It was a good night.

Oh and I have finally started setting up an online shop. After setting up a website to have it shut down I decided this was a good option. Will update when I have finished the set up.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First wire sculptured pendant

Update: Well I was so happy when the theme on the beading forums year of jewellery was focal point. I thought my piece definately fit. So I entered it and yep I WON. Wooooohooo my first Year of Jewellery win.

Well I have finally given it a go and I have to say I am pretty happy about the outcome. My very first wire sculptured pendant. Thanks to a wonderful tutorial by Remy at Studio Health , I was able to create it. It is made from sterling silver and fine silver, blue lace agate, moonstone and some swarovski's.

The front

The back

So what do you think??????

Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Stuff, gotta love it

Since I have started my jewellery journey I have found alot of great designers. When it comes to wire work there is somewhat limited resourses. I have previously spoken about tutorials that I have purchased and have found to be fantastic. Today though my post is about some great free tutorials that I want to share with you.

Cage Bead Tutorial

Ocean Pearl Hoops plus many others

A Beautiful Connie Fox Garden Bangle

Gorgeous gold ring

I hope you enjoy these and will be adding more over time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another month gone

And what a month it has been. I had every intension of posting many times this month but it just didnt happen. With flat batterys in the camera, a week in melbourne and my daughters 3rd birthday I had no chance. Well here I am now.

Firstly a short time ago I brought a wonderful tutorial, Viking bezel pendant by AnneMade Jewelry . I was very happy to finally give it a go. I have just used a stone sitting around the house and some silver artist wire.

Our lastest brisbane bead meet challenge was beaded cabs. We were luck enough to have karyn (her blog) . This was my first creation using a beautiful rhodonite cabochons.

Whilst at the meet I was lucky enough to by one of debs lampwork cab/bead and this is my creation.

I am very happy with how they both turned out, actually lovin them.

Finally I have been getting some more chainmaille done, been missing it lately. This is a child's bracelet made from aluminum. Byzantine and mobius flowers. I think it looks really sweet.

Lastly and on a non jewellery note I mentioned at the beginning of the post my daugther turned three. Below is the cake/cupcakes I made for her party. They were the yummiest cakes ever and it was a really hit.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lemonade Award, I got one

Do you believe it, I cant. I have been awarded the Lemonade award by a wonderful artist, Kathleen Krucoff, you can visit her at Reflections of a Glass Artist . I have to appologise though as she awarded me this in March and I had missed it till now. I am still so excited though to have recieved it.

Now for those of you that do not know about the Lemonade Award is given to bloggers that show a positive attitude and gratitude.

Here are the rules for the award:
1.Put the logo on your blog or post
2.Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great Gratitude and/or Attitude.
3.Be sure to list and link your nominees within your post.
4.Let them know they have received this award by leaving a comment on their blog.
5.Nominate your favorites and link to your post.

My nominated blogs are:
de Cor's Handmades
My Wired Imagination
Shaktipaj Designs - No Detail Too Small
Kookie Designs by Mel Poxon
A Metalsmith's Journey-Handcrafted Art by Janice E. Fowler
Meanderings by Julz
SCJ Jewelry Design
Get Silvered
SanDeeLee Design
Aislinn Occasions

Thankyou everyone for all you share.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I fused, finally

Well I had the chance to do a silver fusing workshop and it was very exciting. Firstly we made headpins, next we got to make a ring. Firstly was creating the ball, my oh my that took forever and then after all the time I ended up flattening it, lol. Next step was stamping, this too was my first time so there was a couple of double stamps. Its not exactly round but I really like it and will definately be giving another go.

The last piece we made was the bracelet below just loved this one, fusing rings, then hammered. Sorry for the unpolished piece but it requires another link then I will tumble.
I have been also trying to create some new wire pieces building on what I have been learning lately. On the beading forum I am a part of they currently have a challenge which is TRON, based on the movie TRON if you are unaware of it, it was and 80's sci-fi style movie. This is my entry, it hasnt been judged yet so we shall see.

Lastly are two bracelets I have been working on for a friends children. The first an egyptian spiral and the last is macrame, its my first bracelet for a boy so hopefully he likes it.

Thanks for looking and any comments welcome.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog revamp

I came across this great site from someones blog to get new backgrounds so I decided to give my blog a revamp. Not sure yet if its to busy, what do you think?

I will have to sit on it for a little while. Now time to get back to creating.

update sat on it a few moments just to busy so this is now the new revamp, nice and soft I think. Now I can move on

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Its a wrap

For those of you that dont already know in my last post I talked of a workshop I had done. Well I finally gave it a go on my own and I am very happy with the results. Although it is a little skewif, I am sure that will get better in time with practise. It is dyed howlite and sterling silver.

And so the journey continues. Stay tuned for the next installment.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Loving the new year a time for creating!!!

I finished these beauties the other day. Another wonderful tutorial from Perri Jackson. Beaded caps, they are not as neat as perri's but I love them all the same. Now to start creating.......

A while ago I did a weekend wire workshop I finally got around to making another ring. Very happy with this one and hope to do a wrapped cab soon.

Again using deb's wonderful beads, swarovski's and sterling silver. I created this necklace. I also did my first trizantine (not sure if thats the correct spelling) to attach the pendant. Something simple but I like it.

Next is an attempt of a friends tutorial, which I love sterling silver and red tigers eye, I believe.
This is my first ever commission designed as requested, Sterling silver and sodalite.
Last but not least was my entry for the valentine challenge on a wonderful new website JewelryLessons . I was trying to do something different other then hearts but it didnt turn out as good as I had hoped and only hearts made the semi's. Mind you what made it to the semi's where of a much higher quality and skill. Better luck next time. Oh and I called it circle of love, the infinate circle.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the journey as much as me.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do I have the skills?

Over the year I have been lucky enough to find out about some very wonderful jewellery artist, I have mentioned earlier Iza and Eni but there are a few more I would like to mention. Slowly but surely I am hoping to try all there wonderful tutorials to help increase my skills and techniques.

So the most recent tutorial I have tried is Celtic Coiled Bezel Pendant by Perri Jackson. A wonderful tutorial although I think I still need alot more practise on my wire work skills. This is my creation on the left. There are a few things different then they should be but all in all I am very happy with my creation. I have another of hers to try, beaded caps and will post when done. Be sure to check out her tutorials at ShaktipajDesigns .

The other people I will talk about in the near future is Corra and her wonderful designs and tutorials and lastly is Bobbi some more gorgeous designs and tutorials. I am sure there is more artist's to discover but for now I hope to learn and grow from them.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a year, what a ride

Well what a wonderful year 2008 was. I discovered chainmaille, wire wrapping, wonderful new beading buddies and exciting forums. A short time ago I posted that I had decided to start selling my jewellery. Since then I have had a friend/beautician show interest in stocking some, a boutique currently considering and two pieces already sold I am sooooooo excited.

I have also just started creating a website, which currently very basic but i will endeavour to work on it this year. I will soon post the link.

With such a great year last year and so many things in the works already I say BRING ON 2009.

I am looking forward to learning, learning, making, learning and now selling.

Thanks for Reading
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