Sunday, March 22, 2009

I fused, finally

Well I had the chance to do a silver fusing workshop and it was very exciting. Firstly we made headpins, next we got to make a ring. Firstly was creating the ball, my oh my that took forever and then after all the time I ended up flattening it, lol. Next step was stamping, this too was my first time so there was a couple of double stamps. Its not exactly round but I really like it and will definately be giving another go.

The last piece we made was the bracelet below just loved this one, fusing rings, then hammered. Sorry for the unpolished piece but it requires another link then I will tumble.
I have been also trying to create some new wire pieces building on what I have been learning lately. On the beading forum I am a part of they currently have a challenge which is TRON, based on the movie TRON if you are unaware of it, it was and 80's sci-fi style movie. This is my entry, it hasnt been judged yet so we shall see.

Lastly are two bracelets I have been working on for a friends children. The first an egyptian spiral and the last is macrame, its my first bracelet for a boy so hopefully he likes it.

Thanks for looking and any comments welcome.


Belinda Saville said...

Hi Shona! Your silver pieces are beautiful :) I love the hammered bracelet, you could wear it with any outfit! Any plans for a matching necklace? ;)

Well done on your fantastic TRON entry also! I still don't have any inspiration, so I'll be sitting this one out. Best of luck with your entry!

Belinda :)

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Shona,

You have been BUSY. And the work is just gorgeous. Love it all. The ring is great.

Your TRON entry does remind me of the movie. Very cool.

Isn't it great to learn new techniques? Anxious to see more of your silver work.


GetSilvered said...

Shona, Love the work you did in fine silver. The ring and Bracelet look wonderful.

corra said...

That need 99.9 silver right? Awwww I must try it out one day Shona!

ShonaMac said...

yeah corra it is fine silver lots of fun.

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