Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kumihimo and Stamping

Well just when I think I am on top of things I look at my blog at low and behold its nearly two months since my last blog. I havent really been doing alot of beading/jewellery making since the last post as I have been doing a little bit of reading (well its been a little more of an obsession, lol). At my last bead me though I got a chance to give kumihimo a go and loved it. Here is my first bracelet made.

Now for the next adventure, I finally brought some stamping supplies as I have always wanted to give it a go. Thanks to beaducation and there wonderful service I am now on my way. So I had a little practise and then decided to give a blank a go. My spacing and design stamp need a bit of work but I think it turned out quite good for a first go. Oh and the daugther loves it.

Sorry about the dodgy pic's but due to the shine its a little difficult photograph.

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