Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy 2011

Well I have to say last year just flew and I was a little hopeless with posting last year.  I had big plans to post lots but that really didnt happen.  I have still be busy making jewellery, even had a small sale before christmas to sell off some stock.

So whats install this year??????

I have been having a bit of fun with stamping and resin, so I would like to do a little more of that.  Metalwork is where my interest is at the moment and to really get back into my chainmaille.

one of my favourate stamping/metalwork shops at the moment

Besides that I hope to promote my etsy store more, blog alot more and see if I can find myself a muse to help with my creating :)

picture courtesy of reiki fairy goddess

Other then that I have my daughter starting prep this year and I am starting a new job, so its full steam ahead in this household.

So what do you plan for the year ahead????????

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