Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chain Maille

I have been a part of the beading forum for a good few months now and was introduced to the wonderful world of chain maille jewellery. Basically buy linking rings together in certains ways to get different pieces. I am sure there is a more technical way of describing it but that will do for now. This is the first piece I made called byzantine. I have only used small pics but will have a link at the end of this post if you wish to see them bigger.

After making this I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful lady named Cas. She makes her own rings and has great tutorials. After purchasing some I made the following:

Full Persian

Double Spiral

Butterfly (sorry its missing its clasp at the moment)

Then I got introduced to the wonderful world of spider. She is from the US and has wonderful DVD tutorials. I purchased DVD no. 2 and these are just a sample of some of the stuff I made. I used one of her copper kits.

The top one is dragonscale, then turkish round, snake or round maille, half persian 5 in 1 and lastly jens pind (one of my fav)

Ok well that is it for this post but I will add more of my chain maille later till then if you wish to see more go here . Also if you are interested in getting some great easy tutorials/kits visit Cas's website here

Thanks for looking.

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