Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eni Oken woven bail

I was introduced to a wonderful artist Eni Oken and her wonderful wirework by some people from the beading forum. She recently released a new tutorial -heart pendant and I was convinced that although I had not done wire wrapping. It would not be to hard to do. I am currently working on it but I am waiting on a few supplies to finish it. So I will post a pic when I have finished.

Whilst looking at her site though I came across another tutorial -woven bail and decided that since I still had some beautiful beads of debs that I would give it a go. It is not as neat as I think it should be but I am pretty have with the results.

The front

The back
Thanks Eni and Deb and thanks for looking.

1 comment:

Eni Oken said...

Shona, very nicely done! The weave is tight and very neat.
Great work!

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